What Makes A Great Salesperson

If you are a salesperson or have been involved in the profession at some point, then you should know that it is not for the faint hearted.

In order to make those sales, you have to be presentable, enthusiastic and have knowledge in the field. A great salesperson should possess the following unique personality traits;

  1. Empathy

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Are you able to identify with customers and feel what they are feeling? Customers want to feel respected and treated well. A great salesperson should have the ability to empathize with customers; understand what the customer really wants and give it to them. When a customer is trying to solve a problem you should know what the problem is and find an effective solution.

  1. Optimism

Being optimistic is one of the most important qualities that a great salesperson should possess. If you start the day making no sales, be positive that the next sale is will go through. Every sale is different and you never know who your next client will be. A positive attitude will also give you courage to approach customers and convince them to purchase your products.

  1. Focus and drive

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Salespeople with a large client base have one common thing, focus. A great salesperson does not get distracted easily. When you are talking to a client, give them your attention and forget about that phone call or text message. Besides, you should be able to set goals that you would want to achieve in order to succeed in the career. How many sales do you wish to make in a day and what strategies should you put in place to make those sales? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself when setting your goals.

  1. Problem solving skills

For effective selling, you must have good problem solving skills. You can easily persuade a customer to purchase your product if you find out the problem they have first. Create rapport with them, and carefully listen to their explanations. You should be able to put yourself in the customers’ shoes to understand them better and see them from their point of view. Be frank if you don’t know answers to any of their questions and explain in a manner that they will understand.

  1. Communication and presentation skills

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A great sales person should have good listening skills. You should effectively communicate to a client in a polite and convincing way. The manner in which you approach a client really determines whether you make that sell or not. Body language is one of the most effective ways of communication in sales. Feel free to interact with a customer and pay attention to every detail they explain.

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