What To Do If You Hate Your Job & Want To Resign

Most people hate their job, however, they find it difficult to leave due to various reasons ranging from lack of other better opportunities, having no right skills set to qualify for another job or most have commitments like big loans pay before they quit.If you hate your job so much you may decide to leave the job despite those forces holding you back, In this case, there are some important things to take into consideration before you say: “I quit!”Here are some of the steps to follow

1.Work Out What You Want

If you have another job lined up, be sure to weigh up both the pros and the cons of the new job versus your current one. Take things like job responsibility, salary, work environment as well as benefits into account. Things like growth possibilities should also be taken into consideration. If all looks well on the other side, go ahead and jump.

2. Start Your Job Hunt

If there are no other jobs on the horizon, think very carefully before you take the plunge. Finding a new job position can take anywhere from three to six months or even longer, depending on your qualifications and experience. Do you have a substantial amount of savings to carry you for this amount of time until you find a new employment? You may want to consider staying in your current job until you find another one.

3. Find The Right Fit

Typical Questions You Could Be Asked In A Phone Interview - Team WorkBefore you decide to throw in the towel, make double, even triple sure that you really want to quit. Jobs are not easy to come by these days, and you need to be confident that you’re making the right decision. What happens if your new position or company turns out to be the complete opposite of what you expected, and you want to come back? There’s a pretty good chance that your old job is filled very quickly. If you are not completely sure that your new position is worth giving up your old job for, ask if it is possible to spend a day ‘job shadowing’. This will help give you a good idea whether or not you will be happy in this new job.

4. Resign Properly

Once you have a new job you need to resign from old job properly maintaining the good relationship that exists between you and your employer.There is no reason for leaving on bad terms you may need to return in future.Here are some procedures to follow to ensure you resign properly:

a.Always remember to give a written notice

Most employment agreements have a section about notice periods. It is a good idea to abide by this notice period, as it will give your employer the opportunity to find a replacement, and it will give you the opportunity to wrap things up professionally. If there is no mention of a notice period in your contract, a two-week period is usually appropriate. If you need to leave sooner because your new employer requires you to start as soon as possible, you could offer to assist your current employer to wrap things up after hours for a period of time such as via email or on the phone.

b. write a letter of resignation.

Writing a formal and professional letter of resignation is not only appropriate, but it can also ensure that you maintain a positive relationship with your current employer and that you leave on good terms. You never know when you will cross paths again. Your letter should be positive, emphasising how the position and the company have been beneficial for you, but that alas, the time has come to move on.

c. Ask for a letter of recommendation

Before you leave, ask your manager for a reference. Your new employer will ask for your credentials, and written documentation will be the most professional way to show your previous job responsibilities, experience and achievements.

4. Don’t forget about your benefits

In all the excitement that comes with leaving an old job and starting a new one, we sometimes forget about the benefits that are still due to us. Make sure you inquire about unused annual leave and sick leave as well as what to do with your current pension plan.

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