How To Build Lasting Connections On Linkedin

Relationships are backbone of every successful person. And LinkedIn is one among the best social media platforms to build connections and create relationships that can further your career.

Creating lasting connections on LinkedIn is both fun and rewarding considering;

Business owners can connect with people in their target market to better understand their wants and needs. While job seeks have access to more than 175 million business professionals, and thousands of employers…. helping them find their next job.

To achieve all the above, you need to create a good and appealing linked in account. Here are the ideas to go about it.

Have a completed and professional looking profile

How To Build Lasting Connections On Linkedin-image1Your profile will acts as a résumé on LinkedIn. Use the first person and update it regularly.

A well done profile is important in determining the people you connect with. You should keep your profile interesting and professional. Ensure you have a high quality and professional profile, a complete bio and some links to your website or past work. Do not leave any space blank.

Wondering how to create a killer profile? Here are some more tips.

Profile picture

A perfect profile picture is a good foundation for creating LinkedIn relationships. Select a good, clear and professional profile picture. A good photo will go a long way to express who you are, your personality to your target group.

Do not have a complicated URL

Add a customized URL link to your profile. Do not make it very complicated by adding a mixture of different numbers or letters. Keep in simple and professional. Preferably it should just be your first and last name if that is not already taken by another user.

Add your skills

How To Build Lasting Connections On Linkedin-image2Do you have any skills, where do you work and what do people think of you? And more importantly can any of these people provide recommendations or endorse your skills.

This will help highlight your positive attributes and create social proof around your professional experience and capabilities.

Summary space

Write a 3-4 lines paragraph summary. Do not leave the summary space blank or just copy your current job role description like many people do..  The section gives you an opportunity to express something good and unique about you. When writing your summary keep your target customer in mind and make sure you write for them.

For example, if you are an employer, write a brief description of your company, what you do and the things what you aim to achieve in future. For a job seeker, include your qualifications and probably the list of companies you have worked with.

By having this summary, you will be in a better position to connect with the people you really need. It should also be warm and welcoming. Be creative and strategic when writing you’re linked in summary.

Connect with people who know you

Well the rule goes; the more people you connect with the more beneficial LinkedIn will be to you. But why should you not just send requests to everyone?

Here is the thing; do you know that LinkedIn can reject your account if a lot of people reject your requests?

This is especially true when they report that they do not know you. It is important to connect with the people who know you in real life.  Find people who

  • Frequently share your blogs
  • Are your Facebook and Twitter friends
  • A hiring manager( if you are a job seeker)
  • Work at companies you are interested in

Share content regularly

To be able to build lasting connections on LinkedIn, you should frequently share content.

You can comment on posts or share content posted by other people by clicking the share icon on their posts. People will know you according to the types of posts you share so do not just share everything. Sharing content is one of the best and easiest ways to;

  • Market yourself as a professional
  • Engage with your target market
  • Build your professional brand (especially when employees share their companies’ contents)
  • Gain new and relevant industry connections

Be an active participant

How To Build Lasting Connections On Linkedin-image3In order to build lasting LinkedIn connections be active!

The more active you are on the platform, the more visible you become. Being an active participant is one of the most powerful ways to build a lasting relationship. This will take a lot of time and dedication but it will play a significant role in helping you build relationships and opportunities.

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