How To Submit A Guest Post To “Jobs in Bradford”

Recently I have been receiving a large number of emails from individuals and companies expressing an interest in writing an article for Jobs in Bradford. While it has been great to have people interested in writing for us a number of the proposals have been irrelevant or off-topic for my audience.

As a result I have detailing the guidelines we have for accepting guest post contributions.

  1. We do not accept every guest post submission. This is my life, career and business. I therefore have very high standards and expect that the article is something that is at least as good as what I am capable of writing personally.
  2. The article cannot be a simple list or round up. These are boring and add little value to my business and email subscribers.
  3. The article must be a minimum of 500 words. In reality I rarely accept anything though unless it is 700 – 800+. The longer the article you write the greater the chance of having your blog submission accepted.
  4. The article must be fresh. It must not be published elsewhere or be a copy of anything you have already written on your sites or other platforms like Linkedin or Medium.
  5. And perhaps most importantly your guest post has to add value and fit with the theme of my blog and company.

We accept guest posts that cover the following topics:

  • Career advice
  • Job hunting and job application advice and insight
  • First hand accounts of people successfully applying for jobs and how they did it
  • Resume tips
  • Cover letter tips
  • Posts that cover how to use Linkedin for career development.

After you have read all of the above you can email me ( with your ideas and potential subjects.