5 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting The Pay Rise You Deserve

You are working hard and you feel you are doing the best you can for the company. You come to work on time and show full dedication and loyalty through working your hours and meeting your individual performance goals and team goals.

You are contributing your knowledge and studies that you have accumulated over time to the company. With all of that, you believe you should receive a pay rise to recognise the achievement and strong work effort.

However, that does not always happen. Perhaps you can already imagine why not. If not, let’s take a moment to explore what those reasons could be that are preventing you from receiving a pay rise.

Often times there are various reasons that the employer does not or cannot provide a pay rise, and let’s see the main ones below:

You may be a quiet achiever and you are not vocal about all the good work you do for the company

If your manager or company does not know all that you are doing, then they cannot offer a pay rise. It’s important to be reasonably vocal to inform your superiors about what you are doing.

You are effective at your job but not seen as a team player

5 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting The Pay Rise You Deserve - team playerMost companies include teamwork as a core value. If that’s the case, then they want everyone in the organisation to be a team player. As such, you have to display the values including teamwork (if it is one) to achieve merit of a pay rise.

You have shown that you can do your role well but haven’t proven yourself as a manager/leader

Operationally you are fantastic and know the “Ins and Outs” of the process(es). However, if you are in a leadership role, you need to show yourself as guiding your team and developing them into better team players. You should meet your own goals and encourage them to meet team goals as well.

You aren’t proactively taking steps to improve your knowledge / experience / skills

The employer should see your initiative to improve yourself and contribute more value to the organisation.

5 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting The Pay Rise You Deserve - career developmentThere isn’t a clear career development pathway at the company you work for (i.e. the opportunity doesn’t exist)

Sometimes the employer does not have an opportunity due to financial reasons or the strategic direction the organisation wants to take. As a result, certain roles may not feature in increased responsibility to merit a pay rise.


Everyone wants to receive a pay rise to improve their quality of life. At times, there are certain reasons that can prevent that from taking place. The reasons listed above are the main ones that you should take into account when considering with you should receive a pay rise.

If you recognise these may be in the way, then it is up to you to consider what you can to change the circumstances. At times, you may be successful and others not. For this reason, it’s important to have a balance of your own objectives versus your organisation’s objectives.

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